New 50000 Sqft State-of-the-Art Facility + 100% Water-Based Inks/Adhesives

In 2024, we are stepping into a new decade without fear. Some industry veterans hit cruise control after years of success. We decided to celebrate 40 years in flexo printing by investing in our company and partners. We are thrilled to introduce our brand new 50,000 sqft. state-of-the-art flexographic printing facility, with complete water-based system in Bartlett, Illinois! Thank you to all who believe in PBD and make this journey possible. Cheers, here’s to 40 more!

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Working With Us

Experience - 40+ Years of World Class Flexography
- Expert Staff & Print Press Engineers
- Reliable Network of Printing Partners
Excellent Facilties
Excellent Facilities - 50,000 Sqft. State-of-the-Art Facility
- Temperature Controlled Environment
- Continually Modernized Equipment
Value Prop 3
Environmental Sustainability - Lowest VOC Emissions in the Industry
- Water/Solventless Inks & Adhesives
- Recyclable Printing Materials Utilized
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